Everyone needs a… Chocolate peanut butter cupcake

So, I’ve been a bit rubbish with this blog! Sorry I’m not sorry but real life has just got in the way.

But I am back with a big fat yummy bang (everyone clap your hands and say bang! Now! Do it! It’s worth it!) I have been baking, again, just for something different to do! Haha

I don’t think I invented this concept but I didn’t follow a recipe and that always scares me and makes me believe I am Mary Berry the second!


Looks good doesn’t it?! Said it was worth a ‘bang!’

It is a very basic chocolate sponge recipe with a peanut butter frosting. I basically mixed peanut butter and icing sugar together till I got a decent consistency and then piped on top with a drizzle of chocolate. No cupcake is complete without some form of chocolate!

They went down very well with the girls from work, I am a very popular girl to work with. 😉

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Sourdough mother

I had a week off work last week!! 🙂 Yippee! It was a nice lazy week, didn’t really do much. A little bit of shopping and a little bit of baking pretty much sums my week up.

On Wednesday me and my mum had a visit to my Aunty and Uncle’s house in Sheffield. We went for lunch, a little mini barbecue, salad and bread! Lots of bread!! My uncle is a baker, chef on a bike that’s where you can find him if your in Sheffield and after some seriously yummy, homemade, organic bread, it really is full of good stuff! He also does courses on bread making so have a look, he’s a lovely bloke and pretty much gave me a master class last week and I can say he knows what he’s on about.

Anyhoo enough of promoting him, time for some self promotion… I made sourdough bread!! Yeah go me! Bring out the Pom poms! My uncle (last mention of him, I promise!) gave me his sourdough starter and told me it was virtually impossible for me to kill it, we will see!!

I’m used to making bread with yeast, it’s pretty easy, whack it all together, kneed a bit, rise a bit, knock back, shape and bake! Done!

Sourdough is a bit more work than that, it needs a longer proving and rising time. But the sun was shining and it was warm so I got away with not as long and sitting out in sun while is was doing its business.

Enough of my whittering on, let me show you some pics!



The beast after:


He also gave me one of these bannaton things for the authentic shape an pattern on the bread.



And I know what your all thinking, just get the chuff on with it Jenny and show is this damned bread… Well… Drumroll please…


It’s bread!!!

I do need a better sharp knife, a Stanley knife or something to score the top because the side kinda exploded out. But we will ignore that for a first attempt


Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Red lipstick

I own a bjillion red lipsticks and I definitely did not need another one in my life but as my motto is ‘something’s you want other you need’ then I needed a new red lippy! I make sense to me and can justify this purchase to myself! Lol


So I’ve had it in my head for ages that I wanted a vintage dirty red lipstick, that’s how I’d explain this colour. It’s not a perfect red it kinda has a dark deep dirtiness almost naughtiness to it. The other reds I own are true bright reds or orangey reds or pinky raspberry reds so I didn’t own anything like this, so I had to have it. Another reason to justify spending some cash!!


I think I swatched every single red lipstick mac had to offer and nothing was pleasing me. Then I noticed the woman serving was wearing an amazing colour and I had to have it!!!! She put it on me and it was fate! I had to buy it I had no choice. The colour is viva glam 1, I believe it is a special editiony one. It is also matter than matte even matter than a bloke called Matt!


This lippy makes me take sexy pictures like that too!! Swit swoo!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Bagel

Yesterday I made bagels, hence the name of this post, if you haven’t figured it out!!

I love bagels but I’m quite fussy, I don’t like those New York bagels that come in a bag, I think the bag makes them all dry but soft. I like the chewiness of a bagel. So to get them just right I like to make my own. An people are really super impressed when you make your own bagels, they think its a really tricky thing to do, and I’ll let them believe that! Teehee


You can tell they are home made because not a single one is the same size as another!

I follow a Great British Bake Off recipe to make them but this time I didn’t have quite enough white bread flour so I used about 100g of whole grain flour in the mix and they worked out really yummy. I often find baking with all whole grain can create quite a solid bread so I like to mix it up.

Another top tip is to use yeast extract (marmite) in place of the malt extract that the recipe asks for. I know a lot of people don’t like marmite but you don’t really taste it, it just adds a nice savoury depth to the bagel.

I really enjoyed baking and eating these bagels and its nice to make something yourself from scratch instead of buying them in.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Handbag

I love being nosey at what people carry around in there bags so this is the crap I carry around with me! I’m also gunna scare myself to death and add up how much money I carry around with me in the stuff.

I’ll start off with a picture of the trampy embarrassing stuff from the bottom of the bag. Tissues, rubbish, receipts, the little hat from an old blog post. I am ashamed and embarrassed and it is all in the bin now.


Now onto the good stuff, the bag is a bargain from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and thanks to my NHS discount so it was only £15 🙂


Umbrella- £8

Book, Wool by Hugh Howey- £7
Just started it but quite enjoying it so far, love an apocalyptic end of the world type book!

Sunglasses (and 3 cases, no idea why!)- £12
I’m a bit obsessed with this shape of sunglasses.

Paracetamols- 30p

Purse- very old but I think about £10 from tkmaxx. £19.42 in cold hard cash, quite rich aren’t I?! A nandos card that is one stamp off a full chicken 🙂 A greggs coffee card that needs 3 stamps before I get a freebie. A bjillion points cards: boots, tesco, waterstones, house of Fraser, costa, superdrug, nectar, bite, company shop and debenhams. Quite a few of them! Lol

5 Tampons- Dunno how much these cost separately! Lol

Kleenex tissues- £1
I’m rather snotty, I use a lot of these!! TMI!

McVities medley cereal bar- 40p

Diary- Dental freebie! Whoop!

4 pens- Stolen, don’t tell the police!!

Earphones- £5

2 Carmex- £5
Can’t live without this stuff!

Travalo- £10
The scent decanted into it is Roger & Gallet, Fleur de Figuier

Sample of L’oreal ever riche- Free

Models co lipgloss, Berry pink- Free with glamour!
It smells yummy too and had a very handy little mirror on the side of the tube.

2 of these L’oreal (YSL glossy stain dupes) glossy lip stain thingys, Princess and Romy- £8 each
Love these things, my absolute favs.

Revlon, colorstay ultimate suede in Finale- £8
Love this too, it does has some pretty good staying power.

2 things chucking about in the bottom of my bag because I bought them yesterday:
Rimmel scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in Bad girl bronze- £5

L’oreal telescopic clean definition mascara in black- £10

And finally my make up bag, I won’t go into details but I’m sure I will show you all one day. Here is a picture of what makes my face look presentable everyday!!


I have added up the contains and it comes to… Drumroll please… I’m hanging my head in shame… £150… Please nobody tell my mother!!

I’ve added it all up and everyday I carry around £282.12 I also normally have my phone in my bag but I took the pictures with it. It is an iPhone 4S so that adds another £450 to the value. So that takes me up to £732.12, I wish I had that in cash!!

That figure has kinda scared me!! Eeeeek! Must look after my bag better in future!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Cupcake

This weekend has been verrrrrrrrrrrry boring, I’ve barely spoken to another human being!!

So last night I had nothing to do on a Saturday night so I made some cupcakes to entertain myself!

But I have a dilemma I need some help with and it involves these little things:


Silicone bun cases!

My problem is what do you do with them?! I have a few options:

1. Use bun cases inside?
2. Don’t use bun cases and serve them naked?
3. Don’t use bun cases and serve them in the silicone cases but then chase after everyone to get the cases back?!

So drumroll please… I went with…


Naked cupcakes!! You can leave your hat on cupcakes.

Jenny x

Ps I admit defeat on the 30 day snap, my life is just too dull!

Everyone needs a… Challenge 12

So it’s a Sunday and I’ve baked, just for a change! Lol

This is a S’more pie, it looks amazing and hope it tastes just as good, we’re having it after our roast lamb dinner tonight.


For people in England who think I’ve just gone crazy and made up a silly name for this pie I will tell you what a S’more is. The first time I ever had one was on a camping trip in Canada and it was amazing, we really should embrace them over here. You melt a marshmallow over the campfire (completely normal so far!) then you squidge it between 2 biscuits (graham crackers in America) with a piece of chocolate and then you shove it in your gob!!! Heaven! I’ve made them over here with chocolate digestives with the chocolate inside so it all melts and goes ooey gooey yummy!

They are called s’mores because you alway want s’more, say it out loud… Have you got it?!


This is the a beautiful mess version of the picture because I’m still completely addicted to that app!

It has a digestive biscuit base with a chocolate filling, kinda a set chocolate custard with grilled marshmallows on top. You really have to watch the marshmallows so they don’t burn.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 11

I’ve been a bad bad blogger!!! It’s the 15th June and I’m on 30 day snap number 11! Tut tut bad girl, send me to bed with no supper!!

But I’m back with a drink in a hat, it was worth the wait wasn’t it, you know your enjoying it.


It’s from the marks and spencer great British summer range, it’s full of cuteness, lovely British sandwiches ad puddings and all sort. This is the still
Pink lemonade, I’m a sucker for anything lemony. This is scrum diddlyumptious!!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 10

I’ve got to double figures!!!! Whoop!

Today I had a sneaky day off on a Tursday. The original plan was to go into Bradford to the big pond/fountain and take my friends little boy for a paddle and maybe we would have got slightly soggy feet too! But the weather was pants and pretty chilly, so not the day for paddling, unfortunately 😦

So we decided to wander up to the national media museum, there is a bit of a threat at the minute to close down the museum, it is one of the worst performing museums in the science group. I was all ready to defend it to the ends of the earth, being a Bradford girl and many happy childhood memories from the place but… It is looking shabby and lots of broken/old bits that haven’t been fixed. It also has exactly the same things I remember playing with as a kid (which was a long time ago!).

I do believe the best action for this much loved museum is either spent a fortune doing it up or close it down. I would love it not to be the later because it could be amazing again and Bradford does not need yet another empty building!! But I’m afraid to say I believe it will end up in closure 😦

Anyhoo onto some nicer stuff, after leaving the media museum we went for an afternoon tea in Forsters bistro, this was yummy and we can a cheeky glass of prosecco and a mojito afterwards.


Rachel trying her best to look all classy with a glass of bubbly. It was lovely to sit and have a natter over a few cakes and booze. While everyone else we work with was slaving away! Teehehehe


Oz goes straight in with his fist for a hand full of cake, a boy after my own heart. He really is a fab little kid.


Photo montage time!! Stolen of Rach, sorry I’m not sorry!

3 pics today for the 30 day snap, hope this makes up for my earlier failings?!

Jenny x