Everyone needs a… Coffee

That’s all!! Coffee! That’s it!

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Good shopping trip II

So this is part 2 of my shopping trip, I am fully recovered from my hangover and I will live another day!


I don’t really know where to start, I bought so much!! I’m going to start with the make up tools, I bought the Real Techniques your eyes/enhanced starter kit. I love the real techniques brushes, I have the expert face brush that I use for my foundation and the stippling brush that I use for blush. I think they work so well and are so soft and easy to use. I used these brushes last night and they are just as fab as I hoped they would be, there are 2 eye shadow/ blending brushes that work

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Everyone needs a… Good shopping trip

Yesterday was the Saturday after payday so naturally I had to go shopping and spent some cash!! Oops might have spent a lot of cash!


Me and my bestest friend Georgina went into Leeds to check out the new Trinity shopping. I love it, it’s fab. But I am a sucker for a new shop, it can be somewhere I’ve been a million times but new fresh stock and nice and clean changing room make the shopping experience so much nicer.


We started off with a cocktail in the alchemist, which is officially my new favourite bar ever!! They do amazing cocktails, with lots of dry ice flying about. I could sit in there all day watching the bar staff making these amazing concoctions. I went for a passion fruit and lychee meringue martini and George had a glass of prosecco as she was driving. My drink was the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth, ever! It was a lovely sweet perfumey martini with a cream mix on top which the girl serving scattered with sugar and them flame grilled it so it was like chewy meringue. It was delicious and served with a spoon to eat the meringue, I could have drunk about 10 of them but shopping had to be done!!


Before I tell you about shopping let me show you this apple crumble crepe I had in trinity, I could wait to try it before taking a picture, that’s why a corners missing! Hehe It was scrummy yummy deliciousness. It was stewed apples with cinnamon, raisins and lovely crunchy crumbley bits in a caramels sauce! Mmmmmm I could eat one now!

So I feel like this blog is long enough now, I will write another one later on to tell you what I bought. I’m a bit hungover today so it took a lot of effort to write this so the next part will come when I’m a bit more refreshed.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Oreo chocolate brownie

Well everyone at my mums work needs them!!

So 9 o’clock last night and I’m just chilling out after dinner (pulled pork, scrummy!) thinking about getting ready for bed and my mum chirps up ‘Jennnnnnnnny, remember when you said you would bake those amazingly yummy Oreo chocolate brownies for the girls at work?’ Yes I do remember offering to do this months ago ‘ Well could you make them for tomorrow? Cheers’ Thanks mum!! I would have liked more notice than an hour before bedtime!! (I go to bed early cos I get up early, I like my sleep!)

But I’m a good daughter so I got to work in the kitchen and whipped up a batch. They are pretty easy to do (don’t tell my mum that!) it is just a chocolate brownie recipe, that I got off the bbc food website, with smushed up Oreos on top!

I even did the washing up afterwards!! My mum is so lucky to have someone as amazing as me as a daughter!!

I wanted to take a picture to show you before it was cut up because it does look like quite an amazing slab of brownieness! But my mum had already cut it up, it does get a bit messy cut up because the Oreos are kinda crumbly.

Anyhoo I hope the girlies at my mums work enjoy them!

Jenny x



Everyone needs a…. Good morning

This morning has pretty much failed me!!

I woke up on time (bonus!) but then I tried to use my locker key to unlock the front door! Then dumped the locker key on the kitchen table and didn’t realise until half way down the road, so turned back to get it!

I then tried to pay for my bus ride using my coffee shop loyalty stamp card thingy!

Then…. I tripped as I got on the train and split my (free,using my stamp card correctly!!) coffee all down my white shirt!

But I am now nearly at work, fully dressed with all my limbs intact!! Hopefully as the song goes, thiiiiiiiiiiings can only get betttttter!!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Pigs in mud cake

So today is Monday and in gunna tell you all about what I did on Friday, that makes sense right?! Well Mondays are dull and boring, Fridays are much more fun!

It was my best friends parents 40th wedding anniversary and my friend asked me to attempt the pigs in mud cake (you might have seen the picture flying about on Facebook/twitter/Instagram etc), eeeek pressure!!

Background information: I am a very keen amateur baker, I really enjoy it but most of my baking turns out ‘rustic’ ie a little bit scruffy!! But I’m ok with that, so this would be the first time I’d made a full on decorated ‘pretty’ cake and for such a big occasion!

The cake was simple enough, it was just full on chocolate cake. I’m not gunna bore you with recipes on here but it was a Saint Mary Berry of bakingsville recipe if you google it I’m sure you will find it. Then it was covered in chocolate buttercream icing and kitkats stuck to the side with the buttercream. Top tip: I had 3 tiers of cake so the kitkats were too short to great the ‘hot tub’ look so I propped them up with a layer of maltesers!

I then had to make a chocolate ganache (bbc food recipe) which was pretty simple tomake but another top tip is to put some liquid glucose in the ganache, this creates a lovely shine and helps it to set.

The ganache was then poured on top of the cake and the pigs placed in it for decoration to look like they were swimming about and generally having a good time like pigs in mud do! The pigs were my favourite part of the whole thing!! I made them the day before to make sure they harden a bit (another top tip, I’m full of them today!) and it is just like being a kid and playing with play doh again!!

I’ll include some pictures of my masterpiece, I don’t think I will ever bake again I can’t top this cake!! There are lots of pictures and versions of this cake floating about on the Internet, some a lot better than mine and some a lot worse but I am chuffed to bits at mine.

I would love to credit the person who made the original cake but alas this person has disappeared into some deep dark corner of the Internet never to be found!! But thank you very much to that person for my inspiration.

And Phil and June I hope you continue to be as happy as pigs in mud for many years to come

Jenny x



20130422-181820.jpgpigs in mud cake

Everyone needs a… Good book

… But this is not a good book! 😦

I have had a very lazy Sunday it’s basically consisted of eating bacon and eggs in my pjs, having a shower and changing into clean pjs!! Haha properly lazy!

Then I have slobbed about the house trying to finish this book but it’s not going very well. It’s The woman who went to bed for a year by Sue Townsend and its not great but I am determined to finish it. It’s about a woman with twins who are 18 and go off to uni, there are very geeky and awkward, as is her husband. She basically gets fed up with life and takes to her bed and a string of visitors and hilarity ensues, except I didn’t get this humour!! I don’t really understand why she went to bed, why these people want to visit her, why its funny. If she was any relation of mine I would want to slap her and drag we out of bed and I’m not a violent person.

Anyhoo the reason I am plugging on with this rubbish book is because I have a new book coming this week from waterstones online and I’m very excited by it, it’s The Twelve by Justin Cronin. It’s the second book in a zombie trilogy I read the first one, The Passage, last September/October and immediately ordered this one, even tho it didn’t come out till now.

I can’t wait to get reading it, hurry up Mr Postman!!

Jenny x



Everyone needs a… Hello

Well hello Internet, I’m the latest in a very long line of people that feels the need to fill you up with my (very important and obviously correct) opinion on all sorts of matters. I will try my best to steer away from any fluffy issues, politics, religion, and the like and stick to the real important issues affecting us all make up, clothes, shoes and a bit of baking!

So I don’t really have a plan for this blog, some arty farty types might call it organic and allowing it grow into what it wants to become, but I’m definitely not that arty farty person, I’ll give you permission to call me scatty and unorganised!! The little fragment of an idea I have is that I will let you know about all the things that I believe everyone needs, hence the name, very clever I know! You might not know you need them but trust me you will do.

So a few facts about me

1. I say ‘so’ a lot

2. My name is Jenny

3. I’m a dental nurse, I probably won’t mention work a lot because (believe or not) I am a professional and patient confidentiality issues mean I won’t be able to say much anyway. And teeth are a bit dull, just make sure you brush them! Lecture over!

4. I live in a very beautiful and glamorous place in England called… Bradford!

5. I’m 26

6. I’m single

7. I live with my mum ( I’m making myself sound like such a looser!)

So 7 seems a good place to stop, I’ve given enough information out about myself to the big wide world.

I hope you all enjoy reading about me and my life, I’m deluding myself into believing people are interested!!

The picture is one of me dressed up as Lady Gaga drinking vodka and coke out of a teacup, as you do every weekend!