Everyone needs a… Cake

Everything in moderation… Except cake!! 🙂

I’m quite a keen amateur baking, but who isn’t since the popularity of the great British bake off?! I am no where near their level of skill! I cannot do pretty decoration, I can stick a load of kit kats round a cake and call that decoration but I’ve never tried the whole pretty fondant icing cakes. I’m not going to be negative and say I can’t do them because I have never tried. I’m sure if I did try I would be absolutely awesome at it!! Lol

Anyhoo, I was browsing through pictures on my phone and realised I have lots of pictures of my baking so I thought I’d share and make you all hungry!!


The most amazing chocolate cookies ever, they are a Mary Berry recipe using condensed milk! The cookies are chewy and the white chocolate button on top kinda caramelises and goes yummy!


Cinnamon swirl loaf, a great British bake off recipe. This makes the most amazing toast and eggy bread in the word.


Coffee and walnut cake, I made this for Mother’s Day for my Mum and Grandma. It’s my mums favourite cake and she loved it. I think this was a BBC recipe.


Scones! Just look at the height of these beauties!!


Pear and walnut upside down cake. This was scummy with a drizzle of cream over it, it’s not the prettiest looking cake but it tasted fab. I needed a larger cake tin but I ended up with a smaller but deeper cake. I never have the right size cake tin for recipe.


This was a scrummy 30th birthday cake for a friend last year. I love the chessboard detail, it’s quite easy to do with a tiny bit of piping expertise and it looks impressive.


This is probably the cake my friends would ask me to make for any occasion, everyone seems to love it! It’s a chocolate brownie cheesecake an I’ve got to admit it is pretty tasty. It is a hummingbird baking recipe but they layer a raspberry cream on the top, I’ve never done this as I don’t feel it needs it.


Hot cross buns, nuff said.


Bagels are one of my favourite things to bake, there are a pretty basic bread recipe just with a little added boiling stage, and people are really impressed when you’ve made your own! Yippee!


Pigs in mud cake, I’ve talked about this before zzzzzz


Pigs in mud with M&Ms instead of pigs


Yet another pigs in mud cake!

Phew! Hope I haven’t bored you all too much but there’s just a few baking bits to inspire you to go and eat cake! Yes I’m showing too! Hehe

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Dickhead moment

So anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit of a dickhead sometimes (most of the time?!)! This morning I was making some cereal and a cuppa tea for breakfast, not very tricky you might think. But I’m a girl that can make things difficult. I had my cup with a tea bag in it and a bowl with some cereal in it, good start you might think. I was dolly dreaming (favourite pastime) waiting for the kettle to boil before I put milk on my cereal, I hate soggy cereal!

When the kettle finally boiled my inner dickhead kicked in and I poured the boiling water on my cereal!! DICKHEAD!!!

It was not a pretty sight!

Anyhoo the day can only get better 🙂

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Bank holiday weekend

We get an extra lie in!!! Whoop!

My exciting, rock and roll plans are:

1. Sleep! I’m not setting an alarm all weekend, this makes me happier than pretty much anything, ever!! I’m easily pleased.

2. Tidying up, my new wardrobe is built and still standing! Go me! So I need to organise my clothes and hang them back up.

3. Yeah I don’t have a 3, that’s about it for my plans!!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Pigs in mud cake II

Yep I made another one and actually sold this one, I will make my millions eventually!! Lol


I do love making this cake, I think it looks pretty impressive and it’s not too much ‘decorating’ I always say I’m not very good at the ‘pretty’ side of baking. I’ve never tried fondant icing or creating elaborate things, I have tried to write with icing and it was a disaster!! Lol I would love to do a little course on cake decorating but all the ones I’ve seen cost a fortune, I’ll have to sell a lot of pigs in mud cakes to my friends to be able to do one!

Anyhoo I hope this ale cheers your Monday morning up and have a brilliant week.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Baking Sunday

Tomorrow is a sad day at work, Michelle is leaving!! Boohoo! Tears at the ready. Michelle is one of my favourite people at work, you cannot find anyone nicer anywhere, she will be dearly missed.

We are having a fuddle (party) at lunchtime tomorrow for her so I have made a ridiculous cake for her to enjoy!


It has four layers inside it, two chocolate and two vanilla dyes pink, who doesn’t love a pink cake?!! It is surrounded by kitkats propped up by Maltesers and a bjillion M&Ms on the top. I hope she loves it and everyone enjoys it :-))

Jenny x

Everyone needs a…. Oooops ‘didn’t mean to spend that much’ moment

Last night I just ‘nipped’ into Boots on my way home from work for some face wash, that is all. Somehow I came out with all this…


Ooooops in deed!! My excuse is its Boots fault, too many good offers, 3for2s, money off and a 250 point voucher when spending £25 all of which added up to me spending about £35 on my way home!!

I’ve used nearly all these product already, I’m so impatient!! The soap and glory hot cloth cleanser is amazing it just melted my make up away last and almost feels like a mini face mask. The instructions tell you to scrub your face and then leave it to sit for a minute or so, I used the time wisely by brushing my teeth! I used the soap and glory eye cream last night too (you know your getting old when you buy eye creams!!) it was nice, nothing amazing to write home about.


Then Bourgois happened!! I blame my friend Georgina for this (tut tut for enabling an addict!) she had tried the new cream blushes and basically ordered me to buy one! So I did as I was told and boy am I glad I did, I got number 2 which is an orangey corally colour and I love it. I’m embracing coral a lot more recently but I’d never tried it on my cheeks but I think I will indulge in more now.

The other Bourjois product was the bronzing primer, this was something I’d never heard off a primer and a bronzer, mind blown!! I’ve seen a bloggers/Youtubers saying to use this as a cream bronzer rather than a primer, so since I’m so good at doing as I’m told that’s exactly what I did!! And I quite like it, might have to try it a bit more to completely fall head over heels in love with it.

I haven’t used the cocoa butter gradual tan yet but it does smell yummy, none of that curried biscuit fake tan smell… Yet! And the cotton wool pads are just cotton wool pads, we all know what they do!!

Little mini wardrobe updat… I dropped it on my foot and now I have a little bit of a blue swollen foot! Attractive!!


Everyone needs a… New wardrobe II

Last night me and my mum ventured to Ikea, we were very smug and clever and went after dinner, it was lovely and quiet and not the normal Swedish hell!! So we were wandering around, I say wander but what I mean, obviously, is we followed the arrows in a regimented sheep like fashion.

Finally we found the wardrobe section and almost straight away found the one I had my heart set on (yes! Very smug, aren’t we doing well?!!) but… Neither of us were that keen on little miss Brusali, it looked a bit cheap and flimsy!! Bollocks! Not so smug anymore.

But we kept positive and started looking at the bjillion other options. I had the urge to open every single one, just incase Narnia was hiding in the back. At one point while I’m searching for Mr Tumnus I realise I’ve lost my mum, which still kinda panics me like a 5 year old!! So I shouted ‘muuuuum’ and a strange voice answered, the lady may have been someone’s mum but she wasn’t mine!! So I shouted ‘Bev’ (my mums name just to clarify) and panic over I found her!! Phew! But it is very weird calling your mum by her actual name.

After much umming and ahhing we decided on one, it is called Pax Vikedal very catchy name!! It has 2 big mirrored doors and cost me more than this picture because I picked out different options inside.


It looks a bit boring here but once it’s build (I’m sure number 3 in this wardrobe series will follow) I will take a picture to show you in real life.

The next problem was getting it in the car, my mum had a red corsa (it is a corsa isn’t it George?!! It’s definitely red) we had measured up the original option but this one is a whooping 10cm taller. Eeeeeek how to do this 3D jigsaw to make it fit along with the 2 of us?!!

We had 3 long packages and 3 small ones (something in that sounds rude!) the short ones were not a problem they’d easily fit, the long ones tho would have to slide the whole length of the car and sit between the 2 front seats! BTW I don’t know how legal this is so if your a police man please don’t tell me off.

We had them in every which way humanly possible before we decided we’d have to put the thickest in first so we took everything out and started again. Grrrr! Luckily the shop had closed by this time so there was no one in the car park to witness our struggle but also no one to help.

So about half way through this debacle I turned to my mum and said ‘I think we’ve earned our crystal for this’ she knew exactly what I meant (crystal maze, 90s tv google it) and we just fell into a fit if giggles and couldn’t stop, I had hold of one end of the package and thought I was gunna drop it but I just couldn’t stop laughing!!

Finally we managed to compose ourselves and get them in, I was convinced my mum would have to leave me behind in ikea car park all alone 😦 and then we drove home with a flat pack wardrobe between us!!

This is now still in flat pack form sat in the hall way, I need to pluck up courage to build up but in sure there will be a blog post out of that!!

Jenny x

Ps when did ikea stop selling daim bars?? That’s all I wanted at the end

Everyone needs a… Irrational irritation

That’s not easy to say!!

So we’re back round to Monday morning again, I’m sure there’s more Mondays than normal at the minute!!

There is one small thing this morning that is really irritating me, it very small and insignificant but I’ve seen quite a few women doing it this morning. It is, drumroll please…. Women wearing trainers with skirt suits!!! That is all but boy is it annoying me today!

I can understand wearing flats to commute to work before you put your smart heels for a day in the office. But there are thousands of nice flats available and no need to be wearing clunky big white trainers!!

If your one of the people who does this then here is an option for you, New Look £15.99 they look smart and comfy too!! Buy them!


Everyone needs a… Massive stack of American style pancakes


Such a naughty Sunday morning treat, American style pancakes drizzled in golden syrup, the poor mans maple syrup! Yum yum yum 🙂

I would give you a recipe but I just chuck in an egg, some milk, flour and baking powder to cheat on the height!! Hehe Just mix and add enough until you the ‘right’ consistency, it needs to hold the height a tiny bit in the pan. That’s me never getting a recipe book deal!!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Simple pleasure

This excited me more than anything has recently!!! I know, I’m sad!


It is a coke bottle with my name on it! Could anything in the world be better?!?!

So as you might know I drank a little bit too much last night (2 weekends in a row now, not like me!) and I am feeling a bit sorry for myself right now. I needed food, my lovely friend Jess, who’s house I stayed at last night, made me a yummy bacon butty but it just wasn’t quite enough to satisfy the hangover beast within! I needed sugar and lots of it condensed into a bottle of coke, so image my excitement when that was sat staring at me on the shelf!! 🙂

Hangover all forgotten about and just a very grinny excited Jenny, some people call me Jen so the bottle is good enough for me, lets not get hung up on the details!

And as a dental nurse I am well aware that coke is very bad for your teeth but in the internal battle between teeth and hangover, hangover wins every time!! Hangover trumps everything every time, anything the hangover wants the hangover gets.

Jenny x