Everyone needs a… Challenge 9

Chocolate cake…


Enjoy the ooey gooeyness of that! And it’s not messy it’s rustic darling!! Lol

It is a chessboard cake inside with chocolate and vanilla sponge covered in a buttercream crumb coat and dribbled with a chocolate ganache, I don’t think I can say chocolate enough! Chocolate!

One annoyance with this cake is that I used trex instead of margarine or butter, we had a voucher for a free packet so thought id give it a go!! I did not like it, it was weird to work with, it didn’t cream like butter or marg and it just felt odd. The cakes didn’t seem to rise as much either and trex is the only different thing I used to normal! I did not get to try the cake because my mum was taking it to a party but I did make a few cheeky buns with the left of mix an had one of them. They seemed pretty dry and I think you could taste the trex, almost a chemically flavour, not pleasant. I will have to ask my mum how the cake went down. But all in all my trex experience was not a good one.

Anyone else used trex? Anyone a fan? Any tips?

Jenny x


4 thoughts on “Everyone needs a… Challenge 9

  1. Mommy just hit the floor with a thud after looking at that picture. She’s a huge chocalaholic. It looks absolutely delicious!! Let me go wake mom up now… XOXO – Bacon

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