Everyone needs a… Handbag

I love being nosey at what people carry around in there bags so this is the crap I carry around with me! I’m also gunna scare myself to death and add up how much money I carry around with me in the stuff.

I’ll start off with a picture of the trampy embarrassing stuff from the bottom of the bag. Tissues, rubbish, receipts, the little hat from an old blog post. I am ashamed and embarrassed and it is all in the bin now.


Now onto the good stuff, the bag is a bargain from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and thanks to my NHS discount so it was only £15 🙂


Umbrella- £8

Book, Wool by Hugh Howey- £7
Just started it but quite enjoying it so far, love an apocalyptic end of the world type book!

Sunglasses (and 3 cases, no idea why!)- £12
I’m a bit obsessed with this shape of sunglasses.

Paracetamols- 30p

Purse- very old but I think about £10 from tkmaxx. £19.42 in cold hard cash, quite rich aren’t I?! A nandos card that is one stamp off a full chicken 🙂 A greggs coffee card that needs 3 stamps before I get a freebie. A bjillion points cards: boots, tesco, waterstones, house of Fraser, costa, superdrug, nectar, bite, company shop and debenhams. Quite a few of them! Lol

5 Tampons- Dunno how much these cost separately! Lol

Kleenex tissues- £1
I’m rather snotty, I use a lot of these!! TMI!

McVities medley cereal bar- 40p

Diary- Dental freebie! Whoop!

4 pens- Stolen, don’t tell the police!!

Earphones- £5

2 Carmex- £5
Can’t live without this stuff!

Travalo- £10
The scent decanted into it is Roger & Gallet, Fleur de Figuier

Sample of L’oreal ever riche- Free

Models co lipgloss, Berry pink- Free with glamour!
It smells yummy too and had a very handy little mirror on the side of the tube.

2 of these L’oreal (YSL glossy stain dupes) glossy lip stain thingys, Princess and Romy- £8 each
Love these things, my absolute favs.

Revlon, colorstay ultimate suede in Finale- £8
Love this too, it does has some pretty good staying power.

2 things chucking about in the bottom of my bag because I bought them yesterday:
Rimmel scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in Bad girl bronze- £5

L’oreal telescopic clean definition mascara in black- £10

And finally my make up bag, I won’t go into details but I’m sure I will show you all one day. Here is a picture of what makes my face look presentable everyday!!


I have added up the contains and it comes to… Drumroll please… I’m hanging my head in shame… £150… Please nobody tell my mother!!

I’ve added it all up and everyday I carry around £282.12 I also normally have my phone in my bag but I took the pictures with it. It is an iPhone 4S so that adds another £450 to the value. So that takes me up to £732.12, I wish I had that in cash!!

That figure has kinda scared me!! Eeeeek! Must look after my bag better in future!

Jenny x


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