Everyone needs a… Red lipstick

I own a bjillion red lipsticks and I definitely did not need another one in my life but as my motto is ‘something’s you want other you need’ then I needed a new red lippy! I make sense to me and can justify this purchase to myself! Lol


So I’ve had it in my head for ages that I wanted a vintage dirty red lipstick, that’s how I’d explain this colour. It’s not a perfect red it kinda has a dark deep dirtiness almost naughtiness to it. The other reds I own are true bright reds or orangey reds or pinky raspberry reds so I didn’t own anything like this, so I had to have it. Another reason to justify spending some cash!!


I think I swatched every single red lipstick mac had to offer and nothing was pleasing me. Then I noticed the woman serving was wearing an amazing colour and I had to have it!!!! She put it on me and it was fate! I had to buy it I had no choice. The colour is viva glam 1, I believe it is a special editiony one. It is also matter than matte even matter than a bloke called Matt!


This lippy makes me take sexy pictures like that too!! Swit swoo!

Jenny x


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