Everyone needs a… Sourdough mother

I had a week off work last week!! 🙂 Yippee! It was a nice lazy week, didn’t really do much. A little bit of shopping and a little bit of baking pretty much sums my week up.

On Wednesday me and my mum had a visit to my Aunty and Uncle’s house in Sheffield. We went for lunch, a little mini barbecue, salad and bread! Lots of bread!! My uncle is a baker, chef on a bike that’s where you can find him if your in Sheffield and after some seriously yummy, homemade, organic bread, it really is full of good stuff! He also does courses on bread making so have a look, he’s a lovely bloke and pretty much gave me a master class last week and I can say he knows what he’s on about.

Anyhoo enough of promoting him, time for some self promotion… I made sourdough bread!! Yeah go me! Bring out the Pom poms! My uncle (last mention of him, I promise!) gave me his sourdough starter and told me it was virtually impossible for me to kill it, we will see!!

I’m used to making bread with yeast, it’s pretty easy, whack it all together, kneed a bit, rise a bit, knock back, shape and bake! Done!

Sourdough is a bit more work than that, it needs a longer proving and rising time. But the sun was shining and it was warm so I got away with not as long and sitting out in sun while is was doing its business.

Enough of my whittering on, let me show you some pics!



The beast after:


He also gave me one of these bannaton things for the authentic shape an pattern on the bread.



And I know what your all thinking, just get the chuff on with it Jenny and show is this damned bread… Well… Drumroll please…


It’s bread!!!

I do need a better sharp knife, a Stanley knife or something to score the top because the side kinda exploded out. But we will ignore that for a first attempt


Jenny x


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