Everyone needs a… Chocolate peanut butter cupcake

So, I’ve been a bit rubbish with this blog! Sorry I’m not sorry but real life has just got in the way.

But I am back with a big fat yummy bang (everyone clap your hands and say bang! Now! Do it! It’s worth it!) I have been baking, again, just for something different to do! Haha

I don’t think I invented this concept but I didn’t follow a recipe and that always scares me and makes me believe I am Mary Berry the second!


Looks good doesn’t it?! Said it was worth a ‘bang!’

It is a very basic chocolate sponge recipe with a peanut butter frosting. I basically mixed peanut butter and icing sugar together till I got a decent consistency and then piped on top with a drizzle of chocolate. No cupcake is complete without some form of chocolate!

They went down very well with the girls from work, I am a very popular girl to work with. 😉

Jenny x