Everyone needs a… Challenge 11

I’ve been a bad bad blogger!!! It’s the 15th June and I’m on 30 day snap number 11! Tut tut bad girl, send me to bed with no supper!!

But I’m back with a drink in a hat, it was worth the wait wasn’t it, you know your enjoying it.


It’s from the marks and spencer great British summer range, it’s full of cuteness, lovely British sandwiches ad puddings and all sort. This is the still
Pink lemonade, I’m a sucker for anything lemony. This is scrum diddlyumptious!!

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Challenge 9

Chocolate cake…


Enjoy the ooey gooeyness of that! And it’s not messy it’s rustic darling!! Lol

It is a chessboard cake inside with chocolate and vanilla sponge covered in a buttercream crumb coat and dribbled with a chocolate ganache, I don’t think I can say chocolate enough! Chocolate!

One annoyance with this cake is that I used trex instead of margarine or butter, we had a voucher for a free packet so thought id give it a go!! I did not like it, it was weird to work with, it didn’t cream like butter or marg and it just felt odd. The cakes didn’t seem to rise as much either and trex is the only different thing I used to normal! I did not get to try the cake because my mum was taking it to a party but I did make a few cheeky buns with the left of mix an had one of them. They seemed pretty dry and I think you could taste the trex, almost a chemically flavour, not pleasant. I will have to ask my mum how the cake went down. But all in all my trex experience was not a good one.

Anyone else used trex? Anyone a fan? Any tips?

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 6, 7 and 8

So I accepted the 30 day snap challenge from Louise at A Sprinkle of Glitter (check her out she’s much better than me!). I have failed this challenge I am rubbish!!!! But I’m gunna give you loadsa pictures today of a very exciting night in my life, hopefully that will make up for my failings!

Let me tell you the story of the week, on Tuesday me and Georgina decided to go see Bon Jovi on Saturday night! Who does that?! Most gigs you have booked up months if not years in advance, not days! We got the tickets half price from Groupon, I love a bit of Groupon anything for a bargain. So Tuesday morning on my commute to work I got very over excited and rang George who in turn got very over excited and we booked it and I can say it is one of the best snap decisions of my life!!

Saturday came and we set off to Manchester, joined a very small queue to collect our tickets and then went and sat in the car and ate a salad, cos that’s how me and George roll (yes we roll, we’re that cool!). It was a glorious sunny day so we headed into the stadium (Etihad, Manchester) got ourselves a pint and sat enjoying the sunshine.


That’s us sat in the sun in our rock and roll shades!

There was a couple of support acts but who wants to here about them, you want to know about the main man!! Well let’s just put it bluntly he may be 51 and been a rock star for longer than I have been alive but yeah I still would!! You all know what I mean.

He also had an amazing set if teeth, it’s all I could look at! They must have set him back a few quid!


The staging was amazing too, it was like a massive frontage of a car, I’m thinking a mustang but what do I know! The screens behind it created a windscreen and at some points showed scenery as if it was driving along, it was just amazing and so clever. Also so much work to erect it for one night and then take it down to move it to Birmingham tonight, well done to the men doing that job!!



There is the man himself. He was amazing, no stopping him. He did about 12 (maybe exaggerating!) encores! They played all my favourites but the best of the night has to be bad medicine or maybe living on a prayer or always!! Lol I just lived the whole thing really!

It was one of the smoothed and bet experiences of my life, everything went to plan, no cock ups, which is pretty amazing where me and George are concerned!!

My body is broken today tho, who would have thought standing up for 5 hours would hurt so much, my feet, my back, my hips, my neck all ache! But it was well worth it!



Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 5

Today has been knackering, ever since I left my bed at 6:24 (don’t ask!!) this morning I’ve been wanting to climb back into it!! So as soon as I got home from work I indulged myself and layed in bed under the covers for 10 minutes. It was bliss and I took this photo for you, so before anyone gets all over excited I’m completely fully dressed under that duvet! Haha


Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 3

Today’s picture represents 2 things:

1. A lovely refreshing drink on a sunny evening after a long (boring) day at work. I can’t remember what it was called but it was a juicy watermelon juice with lime and a mahoosive chunk of watermelon sticking out the top! It was scrummdiddlyumptious!! 🙂 And not a drop of alcohol in sight.

2. A fab new app that I’ve found, it’s called ‘a beautiful mess’ and if I was very technically minded then I’d put a link in here but hey ho I’m not so just search the App Store!! It’s really good fun for drawing on a d editing pictures, very pretty designs. It’s not free, it cost me a whopping 69p!! That’s a lot when you never pay for apps! Lol but I think it’s worth it

Better show you the picture now…


I added as much as possible, a bit like a kid playing with a new toy, just to show everything you can do in the app!!

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge 2

I am a bad bad blogger and completely forgot about a picture yesterday, I will sit in the naughty corner for half an hour and think about what I have done!! 😦

But I will post 2 pictures one day just to make up for it, cos I am super nice and super generous like that!! 🙂

Back to today, it had been a long busy tiring day at work. Very hot and sweaty and snatched moments glancing out at the sunshine. Now I’m sat at home in the garden enjoying the last scraps of sunshine, it is lovely!


This is what the world looks like to me behind me sunglasses tonight! Lol

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, we all know what British summertime can be like

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Challenge

I am accepting the challenge layed down by Louise from a sprinkle of glitter, her blog is one I’ve read for a while now. I also love her YouTube videos, she makes me chuckle so much. Louise if you happen to stumble across my humble little blog then I’d love to go to the pub with you for a good old natter.


Anyhoo, enough of me fan girling back to the topic in hand. I will be taking a picture everyday for 30 days and sharing it with you all. These pictures might be of me, of things I like, things I don’t like, pretty things, inspiring things and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy!

So lets start with picture number 1 (sensible place to start!)


This pretty much sums up my Saturday night, I’m vegging on the sofa watching trashy Saturday night telly stuffing my face with popcorn. Butterkist sweet cinema style, I’m definitely a sweet rather than a savoury girl.

So keep tuned for picture number 2 tomorrow and then number 3 the day and number 4 the day after that… You get it don’t ya!

Jenny x