Everyone needs a… Bagel

Yesterday I made bagels, hence the name of this post, if you haven’t figured it out!!

I love bagels but I’m quite fussy, I don’t like those New York bagels that come in a bag, I think the bag makes them all dry but soft. I like the chewiness of a bagel. So to get them just right I like to make my own. An people are really super impressed when you make your own bagels, they think its a really tricky thing to do, and I’ll let them believe that! Teehee


You can tell they are home made because not a single one is the same size as another!

I follow a Great British Bake Off recipe to make them but this time I didn’t have quite enough white bread flour so I used about 100g of whole grain flour in the mix and they worked out really yummy. I often find baking with all whole grain can create quite a solid bread so I like to mix it up.

Another top tip is to use yeast extract (marmite) in place of the malt extract that the recipe asks for. I know a lot of people don’t like marmite but you don’t really taste it, it just adds a nice savoury depth to the bagel.

I really enjoyed baking and eating these bagels and its nice to make something yourself from scratch instead of buying them in.

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Cake

Everything in moderation… Except cake!! 🙂

I’m quite a keen amateur baking, but who isn’t since the popularity of the great British bake off?! I am no where near their level of skill! I cannot do pretty decoration, I can stick a load of kit kats round a cake and call that decoration but I’ve never tried the whole pretty fondant icing cakes. I’m not going to be negative and say I can’t do them because I have never tried. I’m sure if I did try I would be absolutely awesome at it!! Lol

Anyhoo, I was browsing through pictures on my phone and realised I have lots of pictures of my baking so I thought I’d share and make you all hungry!!


The most amazing chocolate cookies ever, they are a Mary Berry recipe using condensed milk! The cookies are chewy and the white chocolate button on top kinda caramelises and goes yummy!


Cinnamon swirl loaf, a great British bake off recipe. This makes the most amazing toast and eggy bread in the word.


Coffee and walnut cake, I made this for Mother’s Day for my Mum and Grandma. It’s my mums favourite cake and she loved it. I think this was a BBC recipe.


Scones! Just look at the height of these beauties!!


Pear and walnut upside down cake. This was scummy with a drizzle of cream over it, it’s not the prettiest looking cake but it tasted fab. I needed a larger cake tin but I ended up with a smaller but deeper cake. I never have the right size cake tin for recipe.


This was a scrummy 30th birthday cake for a friend last year. I love the chessboard detail, it’s quite easy to do with a tiny bit of piping expertise and it looks impressive.


This is probably the cake my friends would ask me to make for any occasion, everyone seems to love it! It’s a chocolate brownie cheesecake an I’ve got to admit it is pretty tasty. It is a hummingbird baking recipe but they layer a raspberry cream on the top, I’ve never done this as I don’t feel it needs it.


Hot cross buns, nuff said.


Bagels are one of my favourite things to bake, there are a pretty basic bread recipe just with a little added boiling stage, and people are really impressed when you’ve made your own! Yippee!


Pigs in mud cake, I’ve talked about this before zzzzzz


Pigs in mud with M&Ms instead of pigs


Yet another pigs in mud cake!

Phew! Hope I haven’t bored you all too much but there’s just a few baking bits to inspire you to go and eat cake! Yes I’m showing too! Hehe

Jenny x