Everyone needs a… Bagel

Yesterday I made bagels, hence the name of this post, if you haven’t figured it out!!

I love bagels but I’m quite fussy, I don’t like those New York bagels that come in a bag, I think the bag makes them all dry but soft. I like the chewiness of a bagel. So to get them just right I like to make my own. An people are really super impressed when you make your own bagels, they think its a really tricky thing to do, and I’ll let them believe that! Teehee


You can tell they are home made because not a single one is the same size as another!

I follow a Great British Bake Off recipe to make them but this time I didn’t have quite enough white bread flour so I used about 100g of whole grain flour in the mix and they worked out really yummy. I often find baking with all whole grain can create quite a solid bread so I like to mix it up.

Another top tip is to use yeast extract (marmite) in place of the malt extract that the recipe asks for. I know a lot of people don’t like marmite but you don’t really taste it, it just adds a nice savoury depth to the bagel.

I really enjoyed baking and eating these bagels and its nice to make something yourself from scratch instead of buying them in.

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Challenge 12

So it’s a Sunday and I’ve baked, just for a change! Lol

This is a S’more pie, it looks amazing and hope it tastes just as good, we’re having it after our roast lamb dinner tonight.


For people in England who think I’ve just gone crazy and made up a silly name for this pie I will tell you what a S’more is. The first time I ever had one was on a camping trip in Canada and it was amazing, we really should embrace them over here. You melt a marshmallow over the campfire (completely normal so far!) then you squidge it between 2 biscuits (graham crackers in America) with a piece of chocolate and then you shove it in your gob!!! Heaven! I’ve made them over here with chocolate digestives with the chocolate inside so it all melts and goes ooey gooey yummy!

They are called s’mores because you alway want s’more, say it out loud… Have you got it?!


This is the a beautiful mess version of the picture because I’m still completely addicted to that app!

It has a digestive biscuit base with a chocolate filling, kinda a set chocolate custard with grilled marshmallows on top. You really have to watch the marshmallows so they don’t burn.

Jenny x