Everyone needs a… Chocolate peanut butter cupcake

So, I’ve been a bit rubbish with this blog! Sorry I’m not sorry but real life has just got in the way.

But I am back with a big fat yummy bang (everyone clap your hands and say bang! Now! Do it! It’s worth it!) I have been baking, again, just for something different to do! Haha

I don’t think I invented this concept but I didn’t follow a recipe and that always scares me and makes me believe I am Mary Berry the second!


Looks good doesn’t it?! Said it was worth a ‘bang!’

It is a very basic chocolate sponge recipe with a peanut butter frosting. I basically mixed peanut butter and icing sugar together till I got a decent consistency and then piped on top with a drizzle of chocolate. No cupcake is complete without some form of chocolate!

They went down very well with the girls from work, I am a very popular girl to work with. 😉

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Sourdough mother

I had a week off work last week!! 🙂 Yippee! It was a nice lazy week, didn’t really do much. A little bit of shopping and a little bit of baking pretty much sums my week up.

On Wednesday me and my mum had a visit to my Aunty and Uncle’s house in Sheffield. We went for lunch, a little mini barbecue, salad and bread! Lots of bread!! My uncle is a baker, chef on a bike that’s where you can find him if your in Sheffield and after some seriously yummy, homemade, organic bread, it really is full of good stuff! He also does courses on bread making so have a look, he’s a lovely bloke and pretty much gave me a master class last week and I can say he knows what he’s on about.

Anyhoo enough of promoting him, time for some self promotion… I made sourdough bread!! Yeah go me! Bring out the Pom poms! My uncle (last mention of him, I promise!) gave me his sourdough starter and told me it was virtually impossible for me to kill it, we will see!!

I’m used to making bread with yeast, it’s pretty easy, whack it all together, kneed a bit, rise a bit, knock back, shape and bake! Done!

Sourdough is a bit more work than that, it needs a longer proving and rising time. But the sun was shining and it was warm so I got away with not as long and sitting out in sun while is was doing its business.

Enough of my whittering on, let me show you some pics!



The beast after:


He also gave me one of these bannaton things for the authentic shape an pattern on the bread.



And I know what your all thinking, just get the chuff on with it Jenny and show is this damned bread… Well… Drumroll please…


It’s bread!!!

I do need a better sharp knife, a Stanley knife or something to score the top because the side kinda exploded out. But we will ignore that for a first attempt


Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Bagel

Yesterday I made bagels, hence the name of this post, if you haven’t figured it out!!

I love bagels but I’m quite fussy, I don’t like those New York bagels that come in a bag, I think the bag makes them all dry but soft. I like the chewiness of a bagel. So to get them just right I like to make my own. An people are really super impressed when you make your own bagels, they think its a really tricky thing to do, and I’ll let them believe that! Teehee


You can tell they are home made because not a single one is the same size as another!

I follow a Great British Bake Off recipe to make them but this time I didn’t have quite enough white bread flour so I used about 100g of whole grain flour in the mix and they worked out really yummy. I often find baking with all whole grain can create quite a solid bread so I like to mix it up.

Another top tip is to use yeast extract (marmite) in place of the malt extract that the recipe asks for. I know a lot of people don’t like marmite but you don’t really taste it, it just adds a nice savoury depth to the bagel.

I really enjoyed baking and eating these bagels and its nice to make something yourself from scratch instead of buying them in.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Cupcake

This weekend has been verrrrrrrrrrrry boring, I’ve barely spoken to another human being!!

So last night I had nothing to do on a Saturday night so I made some cupcakes to entertain myself!

But I have a dilemma I need some help with and it involves these little things:


Silicone bun cases!

My problem is what do you do with them?! I have a few options:

1. Use bun cases inside?
2. Don’t use bun cases and serve them naked?
3. Don’t use bun cases and serve them in the silicone cases but then chase after everyone to get the cases back?!

So drumroll please… I went with…


Naked cupcakes!! You can leave your hat on cupcakes.

Jenny x

Ps I admit defeat on the 30 day snap, my life is just too dull!

Everyone needs a… Challenge 9

Chocolate cake…


Enjoy the ooey gooeyness of that! And it’s not messy it’s rustic darling!! Lol

It is a chessboard cake inside with chocolate and vanilla sponge covered in a buttercream crumb coat and dribbled with a chocolate ganache, I don’t think I can say chocolate enough! Chocolate!

One annoyance with this cake is that I used trex instead of margarine or butter, we had a voucher for a free packet so thought id give it a go!! I did not like it, it was weird to work with, it didn’t cream like butter or marg and it just felt odd. The cakes didn’t seem to rise as much either and trex is the only different thing I used to normal! I did not get to try the cake because my mum was taking it to a party but I did make a few cheeky buns with the left of mix an had one of them. They seemed pretty dry and I think you could taste the trex, almost a chemically flavour, not pleasant. I will have to ask my mum how the cake went down. But all in all my trex experience was not a good one.

Anyone else used trex? Anyone a fan? Any tips?

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Cake

Everything in moderation… Except cake!! 🙂

I’m quite a keen amateur baking, but who isn’t since the popularity of the great British bake off?! I am no where near their level of skill! I cannot do pretty decoration, I can stick a load of kit kats round a cake and call that decoration but I’ve never tried the whole pretty fondant icing cakes. I’m not going to be negative and say I can’t do them because I have never tried. I’m sure if I did try I would be absolutely awesome at it!! Lol

Anyhoo, I was browsing through pictures on my phone and realised I have lots of pictures of my baking so I thought I’d share and make you all hungry!!


The most amazing chocolate cookies ever, they are a Mary Berry recipe using condensed milk! The cookies are chewy and the white chocolate button on top kinda caramelises and goes yummy!


Cinnamon swirl loaf, a great British bake off recipe. This makes the most amazing toast and eggy bread in the word.


Coffee and walnut cake, I made this for Mother’s Day for my Mum and Grandma. It’s my mums favourite cake and she loved it. I think this was a BBC recipe.


Scones! Just look at the height of these beauties!!


Pear and walnut upside down cake. This was scummy with a drizzle of cream over it, it’s not the prettiest looking cake but it tasted fab. I needed a larger cake tin but I ended up with a smaller but deeper cake. I never have the right size cake tin for recipe.


This was a scrummy 30th birthday cake for a friend last year. I love the chessboard detail, it’s quite easy to do with a tiny bit of piping expertise and it looks impressive.


This is probably the cake my friends would ask me to make for any occasion, everyone seems to love it! It’s a chocolate brownie cheesecake an I’ve got to admit it is pretty tasty. It is a hummingbird baking recipe but they layer a raspberry cream on the top, I’ve never done this as I don’t feel it needs it.


Hot cross buns, nuff said.


Bagels are one of my favourite things to bake, there are a pretty basic bread recipe just with a little added boiling stage, and people are really impressed when you’ve made your own! Yippee!


Pigs in mud cake, I’ve talked about this before zzzzzz


Pigs in mud with M&Ms instead of pigs


Yet another pigs in mud cake!

Phew! Hope I haven’t bored you all too much but there’s just a few baking bits to inspire you to go and eat cake! Yes I’m showing too! Hehe

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Pigs in mud cake II

Yep I made another one and actually sold this one, I will make my millions eventually!! Lol


I do love making this cake, I think it looks pretty impressive and it’s not too much ‘decorating’ I always say I’m not very good at the ‘pretty’ side of baking. I’ve never tried fondant icing or creating elaborate things, I have tried to write with icing and it was a disaster!! Lol I would love to do a little course on cake decorating but all the ones I’ve seen cost a fortune, I’ll have to sell a lot of pigs in mud cakes to my friends to be able to do one!

Anyhoo I hope this ale cheers your Monday morning up and have a brilliant week.

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Baking Sunday

Tomorrow is a sad day at work, Michelle is leaving!! Boohoo! Tears at the ready. Michelle is one of my favourite people at work, you cannot find anyone nicer anywhere, she will be dearly missed.

We are having a fuddle (party) at lunchtime tomorrow for her so I have made a ridiculous cake for her to enjoy!


It has four layers inside it, two chocolate and two vanilla dyes pink, who doesn’t love a pink cake?!! It is surrounded by kitkats propped up by Maltesers and a bjillion M&Ms on the top. I hope she loves it and everyone enjoys it :-))

Jenny x

Everyone needs a… Oreo chocolate brownie

Well everyone at my mums work needs them!!

So 9 o’clock last night and I’m just chilling out after dinner (pulled pork, scrummy!) thinking about getting ready for bed and my mum chirps up ‘Jennnnnnnnny, remember when you said you would bake those amazingly yummy Oreo chocolate brownies for the girls at work?’ Yes I do remember offering to do this months ago ‘ Well could you make them for tomorrow? Cheers’ Thanks mum!! I would have liked more notice than an hour before bedtime!! (I go to bed early cos I get up early, I like my sleep!)

But I’m a good daughter so I got to work in the kitchen and whipped up a batch. They are pretty easy to do (don’t tell my mum that!) it is just a chocolate brownie recipe, that I got off the bbc food website, with smushed up Oreos on top!

I even did the washing up afterwards!! My mum is so lucky to have someone as amazing as me as a daughter!!

I wanted to take a picture to show you before it was cut up because it does look like quite an amazing slab of brownieness! But my mum had already cut it up, it does get a bit messy cut up because the Oreos are kinda crumbly.

Anyhoo I hope the girlies at my mums work enjoy them!

Jenny x