Everyone needs a… Challenge 10

I’ve got to double figures!!!! Whoop!

Today I had a sneaky day off on a Tursday. The original plan was to go into Bradford to the big pond/fountain and take my friends little boy for a paddle and maybe we would have got slightly soggy feet too! But the weather was pants and pretty chilly, so not the day for paddling, unfortunately 😦

So we decided to wander up to the national media museum, there is a bit of a threat at the minute to close down the museum, it is one of the worst performing museums in the science group. I was all ready to defend it to the ends of the earth, being a Bradford girl and many happy childhood memories from the place but… It is looking shabby and lots of broken/old bits that haven’t been fixed. It also has exactly the same things I remember playing with as a kid (which was a long time ago!).

I do believe the best action for this much loved museum is either spent a fortune doing it up or close it down. I would love it not to be the later because it could be amazing again and Bradford does not need yet another empty building!! But I’m afraid to say I believe it will end up in closure 😦

Anyhoo onto some nicer stuff, after leaving the media museum we went for an afternoon tea in Forsters bistro, this was yummy and we can a cheeky glass of prosecco and a mojito afterwards.


Rachel trying her best to look all classy with a glass of bubbly. It was lovely to sit and have a natter over a few cakes and booze. While everyone else we work with was slaving away! Teehehehe


Oz goes straight in with his fist for a hand full of cake, a boy after my own heart. He really is a fab little kid.


Photo montage time!! Stolen of Rach, sorry I’m not sorry!

3 pics today for the 30 day snap, hope this makes up for my earlier failings?!

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Good commute

This might be a controversial idea but I do actually kinda enjoy my commute to work!!

I travel from Bradford to Leeds every day on public transport and obviously back home again. On the whole this is a pretty smooth and straightforward journey, I know some of you will hate me for that but hey ho guess I’m just one of the lucky ones!! Hehe

I leave the house at 7 every morning and walk along the road to my bus stop, most days I get the bus with a lovely lady that lives at the end of my road. We have a nice little chat, normally about the weather, we are British after all! Lol

I then walk through town to Bradford interchange to get my train. This is where my journey becomes a bit more fun, the staff in Bradford are lovely! I have a silly annual train pass that doesn’t have the right parts for the barriers to accept it so someone has to let me through. Instead of being annoyed at having to do this every morning for me, the staff are lovely and jolly and always have a smile and a cheery good morning for me.

I do have a couple of favourite staff, the first is the guy who always waits with a metro and a smile for me. The second is the guy who this morning made me think of a song with a colour in it before he let me through the barrier! This stumped me I literally could not think, my brain is not switched on at that time in a morning. I tried somewhere over the rainbow, rainbows have bjillions of colours in them but that wasn’t good enough, I ended up pulling out of the deep dark corners of my mind, 99 red balloons, I thought that was pretty genius!! And it worked he let me through. I’m still trying to think of songs with colours in, it’s hard!!!

I then get on the train (I know, stating the obvious!!) I do my make up then on the train, I would much rather have extra time in bed than do my make up at home. I see the same faces everyday and I always think there is a group of people out in the world that only see me looking minging without make up on, to those people I am sorry if I offended your eyeballs!! There is another group of people who only see me on the train doing my make up probably thinking what a vain cow! Lol

Does anyone else give nicknames to the people you see every morning?! I do and here’s a few examples

1. Beanie boy- he wears a beanie hat all year round!
2. Yoga man- he practices yoga at the end of the platform. (lately I think it’s more like Thai chi, I don’t think that’s how you spell it but you know what I mean, but his name has stuck!)
3. Train nemesis- this is a man who is always getting on the same door as me and I try to beat him onto the train, I rarely win!! He is quite rude, where have the days of ladies first gone?!
4. Train crush- this can be a different bloke everyday! I’m fickle!
5. Pretty girl who could look so much better- I would love to take this girl shopping, shape her eyebrows and show her what make up is!
6. Fat man who’s not so fat anymore- self explanatory!
7. Girl who does her make up on the train- What I imagine people call me!

So that’s my journey to work, the return journey us pretty much the same in reverse but I tend to fall asleep and miss most of it, lucky I’ve not yet woke up a million stops from home! Zzzzzzz

Jenny x