Everyone needs a… Cupcake

This weekend has been verrrrrrrrrrrry boring, I’ve barely spoken to another human being!!

So last night I had nothing to do on a Saturday night so I made some cupcakes to entertain myself!

But I have a dilemma I need some help with and it involves these little things:


Silicone bun cases!

My problem is what do you do with them?! I have a few options:

1. Use bun cases inside?
2. Don’t use bun cases and serve them naked?
3. Don’t use bun cases and serve them in the silicone cases but then chase after everyone to get the cases back?!

So drumroll please… I went with…


Naked cupcakes!! You can leave your hat on cupcakes.

Jenny x

Ps I admit defeat on the 30 day snap, my life is just too dull!