Everyone needs a… Red lipstick

I own a bjillion red lipsticks and I definitely did not need another one in my life but as my motto is ‘something’s you want other you need’ then I needed a new red lippy! I make sense to me and can justify this purchase to myself! Lol


So I’ve had it in my head for ages that I wanted a vintage dirty red lipstick, that’s how I’d explain this colour. It’s not a perfect red it kinda has a dark deep dirtiness almost naughtiness to it. The other reds I own are true bright reds or orangey reds or pinky raspberry reds so I didn’t own anything like this, so I had to have it. Another reason to justify spending some cash!!


I think I swatched every single red lipstick mac had to offer and nothing was pleasing me. Then I noticed the woman serving was wearing an amazing colour and I had to have it!!!! She put it on me and it was fate! I had to buy it I had no choice. The colour is viva glam 1, I believe it is a special editiony one. It is also matter than matte even matter than a bloke called Matt!


This lippy makes me take sexy pictures like that too!! Swit swoo!

Jenny x


Everyone needs a… Good shopping trip II

So this is part 2 of my shopping trip, I am fully recovered from my hangover and I will live another day!


I don’t really know where to start, I bought so much!! I’m going to start with the make up tools, I bought the Real Techniques your eyes/enhanced starter kit. I love the real techniques brushes, I have the expert face brush that I use for my foundation and the stippling brush that I use for blush. I think they work so well and are so soft and easy to use. I used these brushes last night and they are just as fab as I hoped they would be, there are 2 eye shadow/ blending brushes that work

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Everyone needs a… Good shopping trip

Yesterday was the Saturday after payday so naturally I had to go shopping and spent some cash!! Oops might have spent a lot of cash!


Me and my bestest friend Georgina went into Leeds to check out the new Trinity shopping. I love it, it’s fab. But I am a sucker for a new shop, it can be somewhere I’ve been a million times but new fresh stock and nice and clean changing room make the shopping experience so much nicer.


We started off with a cocktail in the alchemist, which is officially my new favourite bar ever!! They do amazing cocktails, with lots of dry ice flying about. I could sit in there all day watching the bar staff making these amazing concoctions. I went for a passion fruit and lychee meringue martini and George had a glass of prosecco as she was driving. My drink was the best thing I’ve ever had in my mouth, ever! It was a lovely sweet perfumey martini with a cream mix on top which the girl serving scattered with sugar and them flame grilled it so it was like chewy meringue. It was delicious and served with a spoon to eat the meringue, I could have drunk about 10 of them but shopping had to be done!!


Before I tell you about shopping let me show you this apple crumble crepe I had in trinity, I could wait to try it before taking a picture, that’s why a corners missing! Hehe It was scrummy yummy deliciousness. It was stewed apples with cinnamon, raisins and lovely crunchy crumbley bits in a caramels sauce! Mmmmmm I could eat one now!

So I feel like this blog is long enough now, I will write another one later on to tell you what I bought. I’m a bit hungover today so it took a lot of effort to write this so the next part will come when I’m a bit more refreshed.

Jenny x