Everyone needs a… Challenge 10

I’ve got to double figures!!!! Whoop!

Today I had a sneaky day off on a Tursday. The original plan was to go into Bradford to the big pond/fountain and take my friends little boy for a paddle and maybe we would have got slightly soggy feet too! But the weather was pants and pretty chilly, so not the day for paddling, unfortunately 😦

So we decided to wander up to the national media museum, there is a bit of a threat at the minute to close down the museum, it is one of the worst performing museums in the science group. I was all ready to defend it to the ends of the earth, being a Bradford girl and many happy childhood memories from the place but… It is looking shabby and lots of broken/old bits that haven’t been fixed. It also has exactly the same things I remember playing with as a kid (which was a long time ago!).

I do believe the best action for this much loved museum is either spent a fortune doing it up or close it down. I would love it not to be the later because it could be amazing again and Bradford does not need yet another empty building!! But I’m afraid to say I believe it will end up in closure 😦

Anyhoo onto some nicer stuff, after leaving the media museum we went for an afternoon tea in Forsters bistro, this was yummy and we can a cheeky glass of prosecco and a mojito afterwards.


Rachel trying her best to look all classy with a glass of bubbly. It was lovely to sit and have a natter over a few cakes and booze. While everyone else we work with was slaving away! Teehehehe


Oz goes straight in with his fist for a hand full of cake, a boy after my own heart. He really is a fab little kid.


Photo montage time!! Stolen of Rach, sorry I’m not sorry!

3 pics today for the 30 day snap, hope this makes up for my earlier failings?!

Jenny x